Corfu Island Greece

Corfu Island - Byzantine Times

(337BC – 1204AD)

In this period Corfu follows the fate of the Byzantines. Goths and vandals destroy completely the historical city from its foundations. In 550AD the new city is dated in the creation of the twin rocks of the old fortress. It is named Koryfo and develops as a significant trade centre. At the same period it is considered a strong defensive foothold of the Empire in the West of its borders. Between 1080 and 1203AD Corfu is conquered by the Sicilians Roberto Guiscardo and Rogiro Guiscardo until its recapture by the Byzantines.

Corfu Island - Byzantine Times

Venetians (1204 - 1214AD). After the occupation of Constantinople by the Crusaders and the division of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, the Venetians capture Corfu. They divide Corfu into 10 sectors and give an equal piece each to 10 Venetian noblemen.

The Principality of Epirus (1214 - 1267AD). Corfu joins with The Principality of Epirus. In 1228 the fortress St Angelo (Angelocastro) near to Paliokastritsa was built which covered the West coast defences of the island. The Despot Michael 2nd gives Corfu to Manfredo of Sicily as a dowry, later again as a dowry to the Naval Admiral Kinardo and from his kin Corfu is given to Andegavians of Napoli.

Andegavians (1267 - 1386AD). Carlos 1st of the Andegavians removes the title of the Orthodox Cardinal and gives the Latin equivalent. After the Sicilian takeover, Corfu continues to receive repeated invasions and pillaging.