Corfu Island Greece

Corfu Island - Imperial French (1807-1814)

Napoleon after the signing of the Treaty of Tilsit sent General Berthier to capture the Ionian Islands. Berthier as a Commander General declared the Ionian Islands French provinces and he abolished the Constitution of 1803. Though he kept the Senate who's decisions would be submitted for approval first by the General and then by the Imperial Committee, the political leader of the Island.

Corfu Island History-Corfu Island - Imperial French (1807-1814)

General Berthier was succeeded by General Donzelot who connected his name with the whole period of the Imperial French on Corfu. Napoleon as a General and Emperor considered Corfu a key to the Adriatic Sea as Malta was a counterweight in the Mediterranean Sea.  For this reason he gave significant importance to its fortification.

But the fortification of Corfu did not give any advantage to Napoleon. He lost the war in the European territories. The coalition forces of England, Russia and Prussia defeated Napoleon in Leipzig and Waterloo, the convention of Paris assigned England to occupy Corfu who had already since 1809 progressively occupied the other Ionian Islands. The occupation took place under the command of General Campbell and the French forces backed off without a fight, after an order from Paris where Napoleon's successor Louis 18th had authority in Paris. So the fortification of Corfu with all the armament and the ammunition was handed over to the English.