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Corfu Island History

Historic moments from the long history of Corfu

Corfu island is a historical place. From the mythological references in the Odyssey for the island of Faiakia and then the founding of the colony of Corinth on the island of Corfu, its sure that there is a long ancient history. On the web pages about Corfu history will try with quick and reliably articles to highlight the historical continuity and characteristic periods in the history of Corfu.

Corfu Island History

Corfu Island - Mythical Times (1200-734BC)

The last stop Odysseus made before his return to Ithaca is the first time Corfu was mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. Apollonius of Rhodes connects the Island with the Argonauts and tells that in Corfu...Mythical Times

Corfu Island - Historical Times (734BC – 337AD)

The Corinthians with Chersicrates inhabit Corfu pushing away the Liberians. In this period the city was located at Cape Kanoni and at the Villa of Mon Repo Park. The colony develops...Historical Times

Corfu Island - Byzantine Times (337BC – 1204AD)

In this period Corfu follows the fate of the Byzantines. Goths and vandals destroy completely the historical city from its foundations. In 550AD the new city is dated in the creation of the twin...Byzantine Times

Corfu Island - Venetians (1386 - 1797AD)

The Corfiots being tired by the years of exploitation decided in 1386 to willingly consent to the protection of Venice which had supremacy over the seas. On 28th of May they raised the...Venetians (1386 - 1797AD)

Corfu Island - Sieges of Corfu in 1537 and 1716

There are two major dates that determine the destiny of Corfu: The sieges of the Turks in 1537 and 1716. Under the command of Hayreddin Barbarossa 25,000 Turks disembark on 25th August...Sieges of Corfu

Corfu - Ionian Islands State (1799-1807)

After the campaign of Bonaparte in Egypt, the Russians and the Ottomans being afraid of a general revolt under the presence of the French in the Ionian Sea, united with each other and sent...Ionian Islands State

Corfu Island - After the Unity (1864-1979)

The treaty in which the Ionian Islands were handed over to Greece anticipated the demolition of the fortifications on Corfu and Vidos to delay the neutralisation of Corfu and Paxos. The English did not want to leave behind any footholds after its departure from...After the Unity

Corfu Island - Imperial French (1807-1814)

Napoleon after the signing of the Treaty of Tilsit sent General Berthier to capture the Ionian Islands. Berthier as a Commander General declared the Ionian Islands French provinces...Imperial French

Corfu Island - English Protection (1814-1864)

The governing of Corfu by the English was anything else but liberal. Between 1850-1864 the struggle of people of  the Ionian to unite with Greece continued and the representatives...English Protection

Corfu Island - The Ionian Academy

The first Ionian Academy was founded in Corfu in 1808 during the Imperial French period with the initiative of the Imperial Commissioner Bessier and with the support of French...The Ionian Academy

Corfu Island - Corfiot Culture

Information about the ancient civilisation of Corfu is given by Homer. He praises the naval force of Phaeacians and their performance in music...Corfiot Culture

Corfu Island - The Εconomy of Corfu during the Venetian Εra

Administrative and social management of Corfu during the Venetian era was the same as the other Ionian Islands. They differ only in the management of Εconomics...Εconomy of Corfu during the Venetian Εra

Archaeology - Excavations and Findings

The first findings that witness existence of life on the Island of Corfu are dated as far back as the Upper Palaeolithic Era (30,000BC-9,000BC).They have been found in the cave of Grava at Gardiki...Archaeology - Excavations and Findings

The name of Liston

If you were asked the origin of the Liston name, the most possible would be to get as many answers as the questions for it. We have deeply searched this issue for your sake and ended up to the most possible conclusion... Origin of the name Liston in Corfu

Saint Spyridon

The Saint of Corfu and the island’s protector, the miraculous Saint, who has saved with his miracles the island of Feakos several times from the threat of disaster and famine, to whom recourse thousands of believers...Saint Spyridon's life