Corfu Island Greece

Corfu Island - Mythical Times (1200-734BC)

The last stop Odysseus made before his return to Ithaca is the first time Corfu was mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. Apollonius of Rhodes connects the Island with the Argonauts and tells that in Corfu the wedding of Jason and Medea took place.

Corfu Island History - Mythical Times (1200-734BC)

In those years Corfu was mentioned along with the names Drepano, Scherie and the Island of Phaeacians. This last name was derived from and given by Phaeax the first King of the island. Nausithous succeeds him, son of Poseidon and a Phaeacian woman named Periboia, daughter of Evrimedontas, King of the giants. Then it is the turn of Alcinous, son of Nausithous, which whom the first written accounts connect the island.

Besides the archaeological findings we already mentioned, it has not been defined up to nowadays the position of the mythical state of Phaeacian times on the island. At the North West side of the island there are even nowadays some ancient place names (Krini, Pagi, Avli, Antiperaia, Athini and Vistonas). However excavations in Afionas and Paliokastritsa did not give any results. Also not any accidental piece of evidence brought into the light up till now any remnants of Mycenaean Civilisation, which would lead archaeologists to research in the right direction. So there is a gap in the pre-history of Corfu.