Corfu Island Greece

Corfu Island - Venetians (1386 - 1797AD)

The Corfiots being tired by the years of exploitation decided in 1386 to willingly consent to the protection of Venice which had supremacy over the seas. On 28th of May they raised the flag of St Mark. Ambassadors went to Venice and confessed loyalty and devotion to it, under the condition that they would protect Corfu and its possessions. Venetians accepted the offer and on 5th of June 1386 they took control of the island. The King of Napoli presented rights about Corfu and there was denial about the legal position of the Venetians, he threatened war against the Venetians, to close the case they agreed with him and they bought Corfu paying 30.000 gold ducats.

Corfu Island History - Venetians (1386 - 1797AD)

After the occupation of Corfu from the Venetians the invasions did not stop. In 1403 the Genoas attacked and tried to capture Angelocastro without success. In 1431 Turks attack but they are repelled and in 1432 another attack by the Genoas who loot the landscape and build fortresses. Counter attack of the Corfiots and Venetians leads to slaughter and ruin.

After the fall of Constantinople the Turkish forces become rebellious and so they turned against the West, the Venetians are limited as opponents of the invaders from the East, so alongside the Venetians and with others from the Ionian Islands the Corfiots fight together against the Turks.

Many Corfiots participated in the naval battle in Nafpaktos in 1571, and in the naval battle of Kithira in 1718 the Turkish navy was defeated and absolved Corfu from further nuisance. Moreover Turkey after the occupation of Peloponnesus, Cyprus and Crete had completely conquered the Aegean Sea which literally transformed it into a Turkish lake. And at the same time the intensity of their offensive campaignes is decreased. So in 1718 they signed the Treaty of Passarowitz.