Corfu Island Greece

Corfu island Kanoni

Sightseeing attractions in the city and the island of Corfu

Location of majestic beauty and one of the most popular sightseeings of Corfu is no other than the famous Kanoni. It is located on the peninsula of the same name which is dominated by astonishing beaches in the south of Corfu town.

Corfu island Kanoni

Kanoni offers a magnificent view to the island which hosts the monastery of Vlachernas. with which is joined by a high strip of land, while at its fond predominates the legendary green rock, Pontikonissi which hosts the monastery of Pantokrator. This island according to the mythology was supposed to be the boat of Odysseus petrified by the god Poseidon during the storm that directed the famous castaway at the island of Feakos, last stop before his arrival to Ithaki.

Anytime of the day you get to Kanoni, its spectacular view will keep you astonished. The colors, the bright blue, the sea blue, the emerald purple seem like an oasis for the eyes and senses.

However, the most appropriate time to visit it is the hour that the sun is diving into the blue seawater and the sky reflects orange and red glimpses. Even the route to Kanoni hides a lot of unexpected joyful moments while its mapping concentrates in a few kilometers the history of Corfu.

At this location there was the old town of Corfu which was founded in the 8th century BC and the ancient temple of Artemis. All the area got its name from the fortifications of the French, an integral part of series of invaders that left their trace to this emerald island of the Ionian Sea.

You must go up the hill of Analipsis (ascension) in order to reach the small square near the tourist kiosk and the cafes from where you can enjoy the view. In 1798 the French Republicans had chosen this place in order to install a battery, the legendary Cannon which predominates over the small square.

At Kanoni (cannon) is also found the entrance to the casino of Corfu and of course we should not forget to mention the unobstructed view to the runway of the adjacent airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” which also gathers a large number of observers.