Corfu Island Greece

Corfu island Liston area

Sightseeing attractions in the city and the island of Corfu

A stroll in the magnificent Old Town of Corfu starts from Liston and ends up at Liston. The numerous cafes and restaurants under the large arcades with the magnificent arches, or the wandering around –as the Corfu people use to call it- on the West side of the Spianada Square, attract the interest of locals and visitors.

Corfu island Liston

The construction of the complex began in the era of the second French domination, between 1807-1814. The complex was designed by the French engineer Mattie de Leseps, father of the constructor of the Suez Canal and according to the image of the Street of Rivoli in Paris while at its construction also contributed the Greek engineer Ioannis Parmezan.

During the period of the British Residency (1815-1864) the arches were extended furthermore by the British while floors were gradually added which today host residences and offices.
Liston is considered to be the cosmopolitan city center. The appointments are usually fixed at this spot while here is the most possible place for sudden and unexpected meetings.

During the sunny Sunday mornings you can enjoy drinking your coffee in any of the various hotels while at the Saturday afternoons you can watch cricket matches at the Spianada.
The many bands of the city and the processions of Saint Spyridon will parade in front of you.

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