Corfu Island Greece

Corfu island Mon Repos

In Palaiopolis where remain the traces of the ancient town of Corfu (8th century BC) is located the green estate of Mon Repos (my rest) which is extended in over of 258 acres of lush vegetation and beautiful gardens embellished by scattered fragments of the ancient memory.

At the estate of Mon Repos, which is just 3 km away from the town of Corfu and occupies the bigger part of Analipseos (ascension) hill, the British Commissioner of the Ionian islands Frederick Adam, built his summer residence in 1831 for the sake of his beloved wife Nina Palatianou from Corfu.

Corfu island Mon Repos

The estate was designed by the English architect Whitemore. In 1864, after the attachment of the Ionian islands to the Greek estate, the municipality of Corfu offered the palace and its gardens to the dynasty of George ‘A so as to use it as a summer residence. The king George ‘A was the one who called it for the first time Mon Repos (my rest).

At the palace which offers a magnificent view to the sea, was hosted for a long time in 1863 the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary, the legendary princess Sissy before the construction of Achilion by her as she was enchanted by the island of Corfu, while this was the place of birth of Philippe Mountbanden, the later duke of Edinburgh and husband of the Queen of England, Elisabeth.

Mon Repos was also the residence selected by Parini, the Italian political governor of the Ionian Islands, as his summer residence during the Italian-German occupation.
The royal dynasty stayed exclusively at the residence of Mon Repos or at the palace till 1967. After the restoration of democracy this was returned to the Municipality of Corfu but it was then that a new adventure begun as Konstantinos Glixbourg was claiming that the property belonged to him.

The trials in the court were finalized in 1991, when according to the decision of the court Mon Repos belongs to the people of Corfu. This decision was also taken by the justice thanks to the ruins of ancient temples, of the best preserved which according to archaeological evidence belongs to Apollo but also thanks to the older and bigger temple of Akraias Heras besides the fact that by then there were left few signs of it, just like the other traces of the past years, since the times that the plot was extended till the town of Palaiopolis , the ancient city of Corfu.

It worths be mentioned that until 1991 the access to the property was not permitted to the visitors.The elegant and impressive palace with the big openings of colonial and neo-classical Greek elements predominates in the middle of the property and you can reach it after having passed the entrance and having walked through the wide paths which are covered by white gravel under the shadow of the lush pin trees.

At its wonderful garden there were once more than 2.000 species of plants, presents of European royal families.Today the palace of Mon Repos hosts the museum of Palaiopolis as the municipality of Corfu has granted it to the Ministry of Culture for 50 years.
Anyway, the most restoration and rehabilitation works have been done in 1994 for the European Summit which was held during the month of June in Greece which was holding the 6 month presidency of the Union.

Mon Repos can be accessed by autobus if you do not have a car as the bus service to that destination is very frequent or by taxi as the distance from the Corfu town is just 3 km.
Nevertheless at the entrance of the property there is a taxi station for your return.
Mon Repos, Vasili area, Palaiopoli, Corfu town.